Butterflies Along Alaska's Hiking Trails



Western Tailed Blue
Cupido (Everes) amyntula

A rather small butterfly of approximately one inch, the Western Tailed Blue ranges through all the western states of the US and most of the Canadian provinces. They fly in mid-May through August, and are found at the edges of forests and shrubby clearings. This one was found in a clearing by Westchester Lagoon in Anchorage. Eggs are laid singly, on seedpods or flowers, and young larvae with eat either. Food plants include wild sweet pea, vetches and other legumes, especially those with inflated seedpods. They hibernate as mature larvae, entering the pupal stage early in the spring. Adults nectar on a variety of flowers.

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Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Old World Swallowtail

Phoebus Parnassian

Milbert's Tortoiseshell


old world

phoebus parnassian


Mourning Cloak

Spring Azure

 Silvery Blue

Northern Blue

mourning cloak

spring azure

silvery blue

northern blue thumbnail

Painted Lady

Arctic Skipper

Green Comma

Arctic White

painted lady

arctic skipper

green comma

arctic white

Western White

Creamy Marblewing

 Arctic Fritillary

Mountain Fritillary

western white

large marblewing

arctic fritillary

mountain fritillary

Silver-Bordered Fritillary

Mormon Fritillary

Palaeno Sulphur

Clouded Sulphur

silver-bordered frit

mormon frit

Palaeno Sulphur

common sulphur

Ross's Alpine

Field Crescent

Arctic (Ross's) Alpine