Butterflies Along Alaska's Hiking Trails



 Milbert's Tortoiseshell
Nymphalis milberti


This butterfly was seen on the Flattop Mountain trail in late April, 2003. They are abundant all over town and into these higher elevations this spring (2003). Their range includes much of North America. Although they reach their adult form in the summer, many will overwinter and awaken the following spring, with the return of the sun. Alaska experienced unusually warm temperatures this winter and spring, allowing large numbers to survive into this early spring. This specimen has the tattered look of an older individual.

Click here to see another specimen that I found a few days later, along a trail in the city of Anchorage, with hindwings intact.
Click here to see one photographed in April 2004, along the Potter Creek Trail, with a better camera.

 You will find more information on this species of butterfly by clicking here and here.
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Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Old World Swallowtail

Phoebus Parnassian

Mourning Cloak


old world

phoebus parnassian

mourning cloak

Spring Azure

 Silvery Blue

Northern Blue

Painted Lady

spring azure

silvery blue

northern blue thumbnail

painted lady

Arctic Skipper

Green Comma

Arctic White

Western White

arctic skipper

green comma

arctic white

western white

Creamy Marblewing

 Arctic Fritillary

Mountain Fritillary

Silver-Bordered Fritillary

large marblewing

arctic fritillary

mountain fritillary

silver-bordered frit

Mormon Fritillary

Palaeno Sulphur

Ross's Alpine

Field Crescent

mormon frit

Palaeno Sulphur

Arctic (Ross's) Alpine

field crescent