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These "Turtle Puddle" pages address common health issues in turtle care. Many turtles purchased at pet stores will be ill, even if they do not appear so immediately. Turtles hide illness very well. A turtle that moves very little, refuses to eat, or has difficulty opening its eyes may be ill and in need of veterinary attention. Noise while breathing, mucus around the nose or mouth, neck stretching and mouth gaping are signs of serious respiratory infection. See a veterinarian without delay. Other indications of immediate need for professional medical care are mentioned on some of the individual pages listed below. All pet owners are responsible for the health and care of their animals and should be willing to go to an experienced veterinarian for a pet turtle as willingly as they would for a sick cat or injured dog. You will find useful information and links to related websites on these pages. But please keep in mind that your turtle may need medication and expertise that is only available at a vet clinic. Attempt home treatments at your own risk.

The Anatomy of a Turtle's Shell


 What Should I Feed My Turtle?


What's Wrong With My Turtle's Eyes?


Skin Shedding in Turtles


Softshell Syndrome in Turtles


Treatment for Mild Shellrot in Turtles


One Filtration System for Healthy Water

  A staff with a snake curled around it is the traditional symbol of medicine. It's called the staff of Aesculapius. Another snaky symbol, the Caduceus, is also used to represent medicine sometimes. It has two snakes and wings. Either way, let the snakes remind us that good medical care is vital for snakes and their reptilian relatives, the turtles.
More info on the staff of Aesculapius / More info on the Caduceus

To find a reptile vet near you, try these websites:
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Herp Vet Connection 

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