This page is for anyone who's interested in seeing sample photographs (taken by an amateur) from a Minolta Dimage 7Hi digital camera. It's a 5 megapixel camera, with a 7X optical zoom, and excellent macro function. [Info and specs] This camera is larger than many of the digitals, but very light, just fine for my hiking adventures. I find it easy to handle and quite intuitive. In fact, I'm able to take pictures with my gloves on, which is great here in Alaska. Most of these pix have been sized to 1009 X 756 pixels to fit many monitors. If you like some of the photos and want to use them in a screen saver or at your website, you may do so, but please leave any copyright information intact.

Scenic Views
Long Lake and King Mountain
Fall Reflections on Cheney Lake

Gathering Geese over Cheney Lake
Matanuska River, with Anthracite Ridge
Wickersham Peak
Valdez Harbor
Mount Drum Reflection
My dog in Thompson Pass
Snowy Bridge (almost monochrome) 1/2/04
View of Mt. Susitna from Potter Creek trail 2/16/04


Taku Lake Sunset 1
Taku Lake Sunset 2
Flaming Orange Sky over Taku Lake
Evening Cityview from Coastal Trail
Mount McKinley, 100 miles away
Fog rising from the city on a very cold day
Alpenglow on Flattop Mountain, seen from Anchorage
Cheney Lake Scene , with Four Moose, 12/31/03
Ice Fountain at the library in Anchorage, 1/2/04

Up Close
Beautiful Mourning Cloak Butterfly, 2 views:
dorsal view and underwing view
A late blooming lily

Lichens and Berries
Rusty Tussock Moth
Bunchberries (Dogwood)
Blueberries in the Autumn
Vincent, my luteola box turtle
Wild Geranium Leaves in Autumn
Sleeping kitten, up close, at ISO 800
2 views of Brown House Spider, 3/16" long
Snowy Owl (captive bird): small pic / large closeup
See some early spring flowers on Bird Ridge

The Last Pansy, 11/10/03
Portrait: The Bass Player
Mountain Ash Berries on Blue Sky
My First Attempts at Northern Lights, 11/16/03:
Aurora 1 - Aurora 2
Bohemian Waxwings on a mountain ash tree
same flock, using Olympus A200 1.5X converter
Moose calf along Chester Creek trail
Dall Sheep Ram, on a ridge, digging through ice 1/1/04
Dall Sheep Ewe, apparently yodeling, really! 2/29/04
A team of white huskies, on the Iditarod Trail, 3/6/04
Mallard Drake & Mallard Hen, reflected
Dragonflies: Four-Spotted Skimmer & Boreal Whiteface
A cute little wood frog in South Anchorage, July '04

Lots of useful info for users of the Minolta Dimage 7 series of cameras

Although I did love the D-7hi camera, it broke down in a few months. Fortunately, I had purchased it locally, and the store replaced it immediately. The second one broke down in less than a year as well. That time around, I upgraded to the KM Dimage A2. The optics are the same, but the new camera has more features, and is an 8 mega-pixel camera. I've really enjoyed it, and it is still going strong as of this update (7/11/06). It seems to be a much hardier camera. All the photos found on my hiking website after March '05 were taken with the D-A2. Click here and take a look.

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