CareSheets for Some Exotic Species of Turtles

Turtles from Asia, Africa and South America have found their way to North America and Europe in increasing numbers in recent years. The purpose of this webpage is to provide accurate care sheets for new owners. Since captive breeding can reduce the practice of taking animals from the wild, it is strongly encouraged. If you have a foreign species of turtle not covered here, and would like to help out with this project, contact me. Together, we can put up a new care sheet on that species. I am especially eager to work on species that have little or no coverage on the internet

African Sidenecked Turtle - Pelusios subniger

Asian Box Turtles (If you're not sure which kind, check here first)
  Malayan Box Turtles - Cuora amboinensis
Chinese (Yellow-margined) Box Turtles - Cuora flavomarginata
Indochinese (Flowerback) Box Turtle - Cuora galbinifrons
Chinese Three-striped Turtle - Cuora trifasciata
Keeled (Jagged Shell) Box Turtle - Pyxidea mouhotii

Asian Four-Eyed Turtles - genus Sacalia

Asian Leaf Turtles -Geoemyda spengleri ,Cyclemys dentata and others

Australian Snake-necked Turtle - Chelodina longicollis

Chinese Striped-Necked Turtle: Ocadia sinensis

Japanese Pond Turtle - Mauremys japonica

Malaysian Black Mud Turtle - Siebenrockiella crassicollis

Murray River Turtle: Emydura macquarrii

Spiny Turtle - Heosemys spinosa

Red-bellied Short-necked Turtle - Emydura subglobosa

South American Flat-headed Turtle (Twistnecks) - Platemys platycephala

(More to come)

A special note about Asian turtles: Many Asian species are in jeopardy because of loss of habitat and very heavy use as food and in medicines, e.g. aphrodisiacs. Learn more about this and find out what you can do here: Turtles in Crisis: The Asian Food Markets, by James E. Barzyk.

You can find additional information on the Asian turtle crisis and other chelonia conservation concerns at the TortoiseAid International website.

The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society has assembled an extensive collection of articles and information on the topic at their website: The Asian Turtle Crisis

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