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Although Taiping spends most of his time in his warm water, he does enjoy basking each day.

Taiping often swims under his raised land area and rubs his carapace against the rack, wiggling his tail end back and forth, while pushing upward. He also spends considerable time exploring every inch of the bottom of his tank.

Although some people report that their Malayan boxie is timid, mine is not particularly shy. He often seems to be watching the activities of the people and cats in our household. He peers through the aquarium glass while swimming or basking, smiling at all he surveys. (He shows a special fondness for one cat, Jasmine, who is equally curious in return.) Taiping does not dive into the water if we approach him, nor does he panic when handled.

In Quebec, Mathieu Ouellette's adult maleC. amboinensis shows another color variation. This one is probably C. a. cuoro, judging from its flatter profile and lighter colors. This specimen is also reported to be quite shy. See his French language caresheet about "tortue-boîte de Malaisie." Mathieu keeps several other reptiles in addition to this one.

This turtle (above) belongs to Yasunori Tanaka, an agriculture student at Kobe University in Japan. It is a young female named Yuu. Yasunori has a website about this turtle in Japanese and English.

This subadult male was in a shipment that ended up at a local aquarium store. The owner does his best to provide for the animals in this shop, but was unaware that there was a species of aquatic box turtles. All of the Malayans were suffering from dehydration, this one seriously. (See more on the "wild caught" trade.) Upon being advised of the proper care, the store owner immediately had an aquarium set up. This one came home with me for rehabilitation. He has shown rapid improvement.

I have a caresheet designed for pet stores and their custormers. If you see Malayan boxies in a dry terrarium in any pet store, email me, ask for my Pet Store Care Sheet. I'll also be happy to send them directly to pet stores, so just ask.

Notice the plastral color variation seen in these 2 pix. The young male rehab turt is on the left; Taiping on the right.

This photo came from Brad in California. The turtle's name is Jellyman.

Meet Wally, pictured (left & below) enjoying the sun in San Diego, CA. She lives with Laurie and Ernie Snyder. She had health problems at first, but is now a healthy, friendly pet.

These two Malayan box turtles belong to Louise in Malaysia. The light stripe on the keel of the one on the right suggests that this may be an example of a newly described sub-species, C. a. lineata. Louise also keeps C. galbinifrons and C. trifasciata in addition to several other turtles and tortoises.

Meet Leeloo (below.) She lives in Paris, France. Photo by Bruno Poirier.


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